Lisa Baglia was inspired to create this cosmic-themed book to set the highest intention for everyone onward and upward and to take enormous leaps forward to success and accomplishment! “You can manifest your dreams and live your highest potential knowing that anything is possible. If you can dream it, you can do it! I had so much fun and enjoyed every moment creating this book! I am reminding everyone to experience and do what you love that makes you feel good always!”
This book shows children and adults the importance of reaching their highest potential, achieving success, and living their dreams. The illustrations have angels, angel mermaids, cat fairies, cat angel mermaids, and fairies. Angel Academy: Where You Discover Your Dreams and Talents is a very powerful motivational book. This book belongs in every classroom! It keeps children focused on their own unlimited potential. Everyone is a Super Star! There is also a contract in the back of the book for every child to sign. Angel Academy will keep your children committed to achieving their goals.
Lisa Baglia was born and raised in Northern California. She has 2 children, Ryan and Elizabeth.

She does media coverage for the Music and Entertainment Industry, including Pro Skaters.

Lisa is an artist/illustrator, screenwriter, and Children’s book author of a book titled, Angel Academy: Where You Discover Your Dreams and Talents.

She attends Nithyananda University with Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda, India.