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How Super Sonic Star Power Universe Was Created

How Super Sonic Star Power Universe Was Created

A spectacular organized event happened at the Bengaluru Aadeenam temple in Bidadi, India. It was September 30th, 2017! The 2 largest yoga classes ever, conducted by Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda. On this day, Nithyananda University set 2 new Guinness World Records. One award was for Kundalini Rajju Yoga, the largest rope yoga lesson, and the second one was for Shivastambha, (traditional pole yoga) in this category.

There was also another award for the India Book of World Records on June 21st, 2017, that was so exciting was also an organized event at the Nithyananda Peetham. Where Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda, also known as Swamiji, initiated 108 people had read with both eyes closed, blindfolded, through the power of third eye awakening. The most people reading blindfolded together at a single venue!

When I had heard about these events and since I am an illustrator and published author, I felt I had to congratulate Swamiji in some way. I thought to myself, well if I sent a card to congratulate him it would take 2 weeks to get to India. So, I asked my daughter Elizabeth, if I drew a card for Swamiji, and sent it on Facebook, would get it instantly? She said yes that is a good idea, so I drew a little Cosmic character cute alien that was meditating with a big smile on it’s face. I wrote the words Om Youniverse on the bottom of the card and she sent it. I was so happy for them at the temple in India, I drew this character with absolutely happiness and joy for these powerful, extraordinary events that took place!

A few months later, I kept thinking about writing a children’s book because I had published one already years ago, I felt like I needed to be creative again and write. I missed it so very much. I take care of my severely autistic son that has seizures, and it is full time. I was thinking of something I love to do while taking care of him at my home. So, last November changed my life forever, I was very lucky to hear about the Gurukul children, accompanied by Mahayogini, that reside in the Bengaluru Adeenam, were coming to the U.S. Seven of the Gurukul children were in front of the room at the Los Angeles Aadeenam, my daughter and I experienced a meditation with these kids with extraordinary powers. Appeared to me was a giant eye filled with thousands of eyes, which I drew. It was so amazing, still to this day I am like, wow! I received this very special gift of seeing such a thing, since I was a visionary artist. I did not know what kind of characters to illustrate for the new book, but one day I kept getting a vision of the character I drew for Swamiji, congratulating him for the awards that I was so happy for. Then it hit me you know like, oh, okay I get it the character wants to come through and be born, interesting how this creativity stuff works. I guarantee you, I did not know I was going to channel this whole children’s book so fast and with the illustrations, cosmic themed. I came up with 40 plus color illustrations, and positive affirmations to be of service to shift the perception of the way children think in a powerful, motivating way, to be of service to humanity, to and to help reach their highest potential. I do remember one day I was running, I live at the base of a mountain where the Cleveland National Forest is in Southern California. I had wanted to call the little joyful extraterrestrial being a name, once I had that thought, a guide, angel, or whoever it was said in a loving voice, Allow Wishes! I thought to myself Allow Wishes, that is incredible! So, I had created Allow Wishes with the other little non human intelligence being, and I call him Astro Wishes. There are other characters with 6 eyes and beyond. I have to say the writing process was so powerful, so profound, healing, joyful, and happy. I even ended up attracting a game developer to make these characters come to life in a video game that is very cute and so much fun to watch. The creating process is so rewarding, this is exactly what I needed and the Universe delivered it in such an unusual wonderful way.

This is how it all began, with Super Sonic Star Power Universe! For Super Humans Who Dare to Be Different.