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I am a Freak and a Weirdo and I Don’t Give a F*ck!

  I’m a Freak and a Weirdo and I Don’t give a F*ck was created to empower people around the whole globe, who have been bullied by people who are living in fear. They are fearful of their own authentic powerful, creative selves. I made being a freak and a weirdo comical and empowering at the same time. It was so much fun I giggled a lot! I grew up being afraid of what my peers thought of me, so I stayed alone and shy, I never stood up for myself. Because I was kind of chubby, the first thing I would hear wasn’t, “hey come sit and be like us,” it was, “why are you fat.” It was stupid and hurtful, so for years I created my art all the time and wrote to make myself feel better, it was my super sweet spot!
      Since I was and still am so sensitive, immediately my antennas go up, I have created this supreme radar system to know what to expect before it happens. It is a gift I personally developed over time and everyone has this internal guidance within. I found out that energy does not lie. So when I got called senseless names, I would avoid it by predicting what classmates and even adults, yes even adults, joined in on this stupidity spewing unholy language to a kid that was just learning to be in public and just learning about life period. I found out this is super yucky! I lived a secret life hiding a feeling like a freak and a weirdo.
      I have a son with severe autism that has seizures and I don’t know about you but I really get concerned with society and the way it has become cruel, I have to protect him when I go out into the world to do basic things like buy food and get gas, grown ass adults make fun of him, he makes noises and does not talk, I can’t believe how fearful people have become. But you know, there are very compassionate individuals. I am so lucky to have a person in my life that had taught me so much and I have grown super psychically because, I have to read him like nobody’s business, to be able to take care of him so we are a good team! Know this everything that happens to you is in Divine perfect order. Earth School baby!
     I recently joined the Hay House Writer’s Writing Studio, I highly recommend this writer’s workshop, there are so many people that have amazing important messages to change the world for the better. I would listen to the seasoned author’s lectures and always heard them say that they were considered a freak and weirdo’s and theses are very successful writers and speakers. I found my place finally! I feel happy to have found my peeps with passion, that love what they do. I’m a Freak and a Weirdo book is really about taking the reigns, being calm, confident and connected to you Super Powers! Labels are lame by the way. I really did join a Paranormal Investigation Group BTW! I thought it would be super fun and different, definitely not boring.
This is for my fellow Freaks and Weirdos that don’t give a F*ck,
Love, Lisa Baglia