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I am a Freak and a Weirdo and I Don’t Give a F*ck!

  I’m a Freak and a Weirdo and I Don’t give a F*ck was created to empower people around the whole globe, who have been bullied by people who are living in fear. They are fearful of their own authentic powerful, creative selves. I made being a freak and a weirdo comical and empowering at the same time. It was so much fun I giggled a lot! I grew up being afraid of what my peers thought of me, so I stayed alone and shy, I never stood up for myself. Because I was kind of chubby, the first thing I would hear wasn’t, “hey come sit and be like us,” it was, “why are you fat.” It was stupid and hurtful, so for years I created my art all the time and wrote to make myself feel better, it was my super sweet spot!
      Since I was and still am so sensitive, immediately my antennas go up, I have created this supreme radar system to know what to expect before it happens. It is a gift I personally developed over time and everyone has this internal guidance within. I found out that energy does not lie. So when I got called senseless names, I would avoid it by predicting what classmates and even adults, yes even adults, joined in on this stupidity spewing unholy language to a kid that was just learning to be in public and just learning about life period. I found out this is super yucky! I lived a secret life hiding a feeling like a freak and a weirdo.
      I have a son with severe autism that has seizures and I don’t know about you but I really get concerned with society and the way it has become cruel, I have to protect him when I go out into the world to do basic things like buy food and get gas, grown ass adults make fun of him, he makes noises and does not talk, I can’t believe how fearful people have become. But you know, there are very compassionate individuals. I am so lucky to have a person in my life that had taught me so much and I have grown super psychically because, I have to read him like nobody’s business, to be able to take care of him so we are a good team! Know this everything that happens to you is in Divine perfect order. Earth School baby!
     I recently joined the Hay House Writer’s Writing Studio, I highly recommend this writer’s workshop, there are so many people that have amazing important messages to change the world for the better. I would listen to the seasoned author’s lectures and always heard them say that they were considered a freak and weirdo’s and theses are very successful writers and speakers. I found my place finally! I feel happy to have found my peeps with passion, that love what they do. I’m a Freak and a Weirdo book is really about taking the reigns, being calm, confident and connected to you Super Powers! Labels are lame by the way. I really did join a Paranormal Investigation Group BTW! I thought it would be super fun and different, definitely not boring.
This is for my fellow Freaks and Weirdos that don’t give a F*ck,
Love, Lisa Baglia
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Delicious Infinite Love Gifts!

Here are some powerful affirmations with the juiciness of Love when we need an alignment pick me up!

  • Love supports me!
  • Love creates a beautiful space!
  • Love is everywhere you look!
  • Love is powerful!
  • Love guides me at all times!
  • Love is giving and receiving!
  • Love is the message you needed just at the right time!
  • Love is plenty of all you desire to create!
  • Love is free!
  • Love is easy and effortless!
  • Love is the sweetness of breath!
  • Love is hearing the beat of your heart!
  • Love is in new beginnings!
  • Love is the present moment!
  • Love is feeling good!
  • Love is in every cell!
  • Love is compassionate!
  • Love is laughter!
  • Love heals!
  • Lover is infinite and eternal!
  • Love is expansive!
  • Love is sharing your gifts and talents!
  • Love is giving thanks!
  • Love is internal guidance within!
  • Love is uniting us always!
  • Love is fearless!
  • Love is forgiving!
  • Love is all of us!
  • Love is light!
  • Love is my authentic self!
  • Love is expecting a miracle, and witnessing the unfolding beautiful event!
  • Love is believing in yourself and others!
  • Love is personal revelations!
  • Love is feeding the soul! 
  • Love is living your powerful highest potential!
  • Love is perfect timing!
  • Love is high vibrational frequency!
  • Love is directing the perfect pathway!
  • Love is connection!
  • Love is meeting a kindred spirit!
  • Love is hiring the heavens!
  • Love is openness to experience!
  • Love is a happy heart!
  • Love is unified field of energy!
  • Love is source energy!
  • Love is birth and death!
  • Love is abundant, infinite resources!
  • Love is supreme inspiration!
  • Love is manifesting what you believe!
  • Love is important, kind, communication!
  • Love is patience in any situation!
  • Love is oneness!
  • Love is a dream that comes true!
  • Love is having a great support system!
  • Love is seeing the light at the end of a tunnel!
  • Love is expecting a positive outcome!
  • Love is showing great courage!
  • Love is finding your purpose!
  • Love is doing what you love and getting paid to be you!
  • Love is standing in your own power!
  • Love is in solutions!
  • Love is calm and confident!
  • Love is being brave!
  • Love is genuine!
  • Love is taking a chance!
  • Love is a change in the perfect direction!
  • Love is being of service!
  • Love is setting an amazing example!
  • Love is listen to the voice within!
  • Love is turning darkness to light!
  • Love is vibrational currency, living in the flow!
  • Love is in the magic of life!
  • Love is breaking old patterns!
  • Love is the whole blue planet we live on!
  • Love is knowing it is already done, goals achieved!
  • Love is surrender!
  • Love is ego eradication!
  • Love is alignment, vibrational match up!
  • Love is ultimate bliss!
  • Love is trusting!
  • Love is perfectly orchestrated!
  • Love is seeing the stars and planets in the night sky!
  • Love is in nature and the elements!
  • Love is feeling safe!
  • Love is hearing the perfect message!
  • Love always shows up no matter what!
  • Love dissolves pain!
  • Love is radiating out from me!
  • Love is divine order!
  • Love is the greatest teacher!
  • Love is living on a planet that sustains all life!
  • Love is being at peace!
  • Love is stillness within!
  • Love is asking the Universe what to do and receive an instant answer!
  • Love attracts more loving people!
  • Love is choosing to enjoy myself!
  • Love is the invincible power of the Universe!
  • Love is a ray of light which flows out from the flame within my heart!
  • Love is living in the now!
  • Love is an endless supply!
  • Love is knowing you are your own best teacher!
  • Love is using my greatest creative talents and abilities!
  •  Love is reaching out to someone who needed to hear the perfect message!
  • Love is overcoming obstacles!
  • Love is infinite possibilities!
  • Love is fun!
  • Love is generous!
  • Love is a treasure you carry for a lifetime!
  • Love is writing down your inner most thoughts!
Please enjoy these heartfelt affirmations and pass them on, because Love is the cohesive power that holds the Universe!
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How Angel Academy: Where You Discover Your Gifts and Talents was created

How Angel Academy: Where You Discover Your Gifts and Talents was created

When I was very young, my mother always read to me, and my favorite story in the whole wide world was Peter Pan and of course the ride at Disneyland, it is the funnest thing in the world to imagine flying with all that power, leaving a trail of brilliant, illuminated, sparkling trail of infinite fairy dust! On warm sunny afternoon, in Northern California Wine Country was a super eventful day. I was 3 years old, I remember as if it happened like right this moment, this memory was so vivid and completely ingrained in my brain forever. I was sitting to the left of my mother, and my cousin was over and sitting on her right side. I really think she was reading to us to calm down, because when you are out in the country, you play outside like nobody’s business.


She was reading the Peter Pan story, but this time, a bee landed on my left pinky finger and stung me. The sting hurt really bad and I kept rubbing it and then finally, I had to interrupt my favorite story, which I did not want to give up, that’s how dedicated to this magical flying thing I was. I alerted my mother about my finger and said some bug with wings bit me. I remember she said to come into the house with her so she could put medicine on it so it would feel better. As she lifted me on the kitchen counter so I could be still, my mother rubbed this ointment on my finger and as she did I remember falling into a deep slumber, but slumping over. I recall her shaking me, but I was not waking up. I was having a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting and went on having a near death experience. We were very isolated out in the country so my parents had to drive me to the hospital. When I woke up I remember seeing a light on the ceiling and I was lying on a hospital stretcher in the emergency room. When I came back from the recovering from allergic reaction to the winged creature that could fly, I felt like I had just come back from a state of nothingness where all things are formed. I always had that thought in the back of my head throughout growing up.
I will fast forward to the year 2001. This summer my daughter Elizabeth, 5,  had trained in acting classes that she loved so much, and she was chosen to demonstrate her acting abilities in front of casting directors and agents. We had some down time at the mall afterwards, so we went to a book store in a mall. I loved the paranormal, psychic, self-help, channeling, spiritual anything. I devoured, delightfully downloading information. A book called Healing with the Fairies, by Doreen Virtue, kept calling me. It also had a wonderful deck of divination cards that you could choose to pick one at a time or 6 or how many you want to. I was never into fairies or anything elemental at the time. One of the only books I adored so much and traveled as a companion was,
 You Can Heal Your Life, by my super hero, Louise L. Hay founder of Hay House Publishing.
There is more to this story you can read in Doreen Virtue’s book, Fairies 101, where Elizabeth and I had been chosen as one of the featured stories in this beautiful book with fairy encounters, and boy was it an encounter! Intriguing huh!?
Anyway, I had seen that Doreen Virtue was going to be in Sacramento, California. I excitedly wanted to go with my faithful sidekick/psychic, little Elizabeth 7 at this time. Doreen had offered a course called Angel Therapy Practitioner certification in Laguna Beach, California. It was in the fall of 2003, my whole being said that I have to go. I sent that thought out to the Universe to hear my call because I would have to take my whole family, my sidekick Elizabeth, my son Ryan, who is autistic, and my husband at the time that had lost his sight at 10, we are a unique bunch of peeps that’s for sure. I had to manifest a good chunk of money quickly, so one day I left my wallet in the car, by accident, and it looked like my car had been ransacked, there was weeds all over the place which was bizarre, my wallet was there but all my cards were missing so I called the bank and canceled the card. I listened to my bank balance and hung up the phone, I had called again in disbelief and sure enough the balance was correct, my bank account somehow show a balance of 3,500.00 instead of a couple of hundred dollars. Wow! This manifesting stuff really works! I was able to attend the course and take the kids to Disneyland afterwards. It was a miracle! Another super duper miracle was that my by attending this ATP course, there was an announcement of a very special guest, I met my favorite medium in the whole wide world, a dream come true, was no other than James Van Praagh! It was almost Halloween the end of October, 2003. He had conducted a meditation with our group of 150 people. I kept feeling like he needed to teach a course in this meditation and sure enough he said, I got an intuitive hit to teach a medium course, I was like whoa! I was tuning into something very awesome! 
I had decided to go to Costa Mesa, California in 2004/2005 when James Van Praagh held a medium certification course. I took my family with me of course also because we were always together. The course was on a weekend, but something happened to me that that changed my creative, intuitive, spiritual life forever! As I sat down in this class, I kept seeing a young teenage boy who had black hair and maybe like 5 ft. tall. He was not in a physical body! He had something wrong going on in his chest. He looked like he had a severe trauma to the chest. I kept thinking, who is this boy and why does he want my attention so much? I was so excited to be in this medium course, James always told us the door to being open and receiving is to meditate, you can find out anything! It is so true. There was a woman sitting next to me in the course and were in groups and spoke about what we experienced, to get feedback and ask questions to have a better understanding of what was coming up for us. The next day, when we went to lunch, I started walking with the woman sitting next to me in the group and I just randomly asked her why she was at the class with James, her name was Michelle. She said she was there because of her son, then I gasped and started seeing like a movie playing in front of me about him! It was the boy, the boy that appeared to me that Friday night, that changed my writing, creative life forever! I told her what had happened to him in detail, he was on the news, I kept flashing on all these local news channels and he was shot in the chest, he kept showing me clearly, and sadly, a sense act of violence, more than one person inflicted upon this poor innocent high school boy, just 15, walking from school, leaving his grieving mother helpless, looking for answers through this medium class, wanting desperate communication with her son that crossed over. As I spoke to her, I really felt I needed to write a book for children to empower them and keep them in a state of kindness, and stepping into their own greatness. That same night, I stayed up and wrote this children’s book Angel Academy, I also picked up that he was very creative and loved art and validated it with Michelle his mom. My daughter, did not like to write at all, so this book helped her heal around her fears of writing, so he was able to witness the writing process from start to finish. After Elizabeth had experienced the end product/project, her whole perception changed. She is 22 now, and loves to write because I think this teenage boy who died so tragically, was guiding us somehow some way by letting us know how grateful he was to communicate to his beloved mother. It was a law of attraction book for kids, and it came out right before the Secret in 2006, dedicated in loving memory to the spirit of this beautiful child full of grace, guiding me from the other side, reaching out to mother in an unusual way. His name is Mario Vidal and I wrote in this book, may his spirit touch anyone reading this book. 
What was so interesting about meeting Mario’s mother was that we both lived in Northern California just 20 minutes apart, and yet we met at a class In Southern California, this is how powerful divine right order works and energy always tells the truth in love and light. Thank you so much James Van Praagh, for holding such powerful, life changing and your sharing your gifts and talents! If you ever get a chance, sign up with his Mystical Arts School online, I live the channeling meditations just before writing, it enable the creative confidence juices flowing with ease and fun. 
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Tarantula Cosmic Kisses Wishes

Tarantula Cosmic Kisses Wishes

I have an unusual peach colored male cat that loved opening doors with his massive paws, named Koom Koom. Every night for a week he would walk to the giant Eucalyptus tree. It was early late spring time in Southern California in the Inland Empire. One full moon night, he came back with both cheeks on his face very swollen, I thought a bee might have stung him. I saw him earlier going to the base of the tree with his head buried in a pile of green Eucalyptus leaves, like an ostrich. I investigated his face thoroughly and saw two little red marks on either side of his face. 

When I looked down, I saw something black crawling out of the base of the tree and as looked closer, it was a Tarantula! I gasped and said to Koom Koom, “did you get bit by that giant spider?” I observed my cat’s behavior to see if he needed medical attention, but he was a big kitty and loved to play in the yard, he was fine and a happy cat as usual. 

The next morning his swelling went down and he was back to his cat business, but that evening, he explored the base of the Eucalyptus tree again, and came back with the same swollen cheeks as if he was holding his breath. He had another 2 red marks on his cheeks. I told him again you must really like that Tarantula, because now he is giving you kisses. 

It was the time of year where Tarantula’s were very active, so anyway Koom Koom kept going into the giant spider nest to make his nightly visit for his kisses. I don’t know why he didn’t leave the Tarantula alone, but he was so curious about this hairy, scary creature that lingered and lived in our yard.

Koom Koom kept getting his Tarantula kisses for a week straight, but then the Tarantula must have moved on to another place to burrow, because it finally stopped, the bites/kisses on his face went away, and the cat was playing and opening doors as his usual advanced kitty self. 

I was writing and illustrating my children’s book, Super Sonic Star Power Universe: For Super Humans Who Dare to Be Different, at the time. I was almost finished with it and and I was thinking of another book project to children to write. I looked down at my feet and next to them was a Tarantula and I gasped a little bit. I didn’t expect a Tarantula to be sneaky and crawl into the house under the door, maybe looking for Koom Koom to play with and give more kisses to, Ha Ha. So I picked it gently up with a paper plate and put it outside on the ground.

I then got this idea to write about this ginormous, creepy spider that I really am intrigued by. They are a very cool creature to observe. 

So, I thought to myself, how can I make this story about a Tarantula and a cat? I thought to myself, you can make anything and be creative with writing, by using your imagination. There are no limits in what you can do when in your own environment, or an event that happened, or characters you made up. Anything! We have this inner freedom that feels like heaven when creating by the power of thought, it is personal, helping us to grow inside and out.

One night in October 2018, I had received this series of writing webinars from James Van Praagh’s Mystical School of Arts, if you ever have a chance to take his course, do it, I found it to be very helpful. He tells his wonderful, motivating stories of his writing beginnings and conducts a meditation to create a beautiful breathing calm space to begin to write. I love it very much! I love getting into a group setting with like minded people. All my weirdos unite! Anyway, we did a channeling session one of the nights, it was so cool, we wrote on the top of the page a sentence , for example, self doubt, love, healing, forgiveness, before meditation, and allowed our inner knowing, guides, and angels and beyond. Thank you James!

I was thinking to myself, should I put the Tarantula kid’s book aside and just keep creating the non-human intelligence series, the alien characters?  After the meditation, I looked down at my feet and guess what, there was a Tarantula at my feet this was a different one than the other spider, this one ran fast when I tried to catch it. Well, it disappeared in my living room somewhere and I was nervous about getting kisses on my cheeks like Koom Koom did. He went back for more, but I said to myself, I don’t think that sounds fun. I was on high alert that night, sleeping with one eye open! Then I said to myself this is a sign, a sign to manifest a book that is outside of the box, a very trippy and unusual behind the scenes story for a children’s book. Oh, and I took a picture of the Tarantula so you can see what it looks like. This was the meditation night with James Van Praagh Tarantula. 

While I was doing several book projects, I kept getting downloads from the Universe of how this unique book will present itself. I love when books write themselves, it is like you get out of it’s way like nobody’s business, because I want to be born! I wanted to think of a title, I haven’t seen too many Tarantula stories out there so I thought this would be super fun. I would get these visions of characters like a fairy with Swirly, Twirly, hair. A girl who owns Koom Koom named Victoria, her adorable pet bat Igor. The Mole that sees with its 3rd eye who comes up from the ground to say hi! The non-human intelligence (alien) Allow Wishes, who is making a special guest appearance, from Super Sonic Star Power Universe. 

There is a barking mouse in this story too. This is another animal tale from my house. This is a true story that happened in this same time sequence so it is all connected. I found a little white mouse, cute as can be, that eats french fries and rice and whatever I feed it, I live at a base of a mountain in Southern California so I am blessed with seeing animals that live in nature.

The mouse comes around every night and I thought it would be funny to see if it would take food from me. Anyway, he became like a pet, every night about 9:30 pm the mouse comes when I knock on the wall to get his treat, and if it is not there he makes his command sound eep eep eep really loud so I know he had made his entrance. I know this sounds strange, but animals are attracted to me. One night, the dogs started to bark and so did the mouse right along with them, I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna pee myself. It was hysterical. Well, the mouse keeps barking whenever the dogs bark inside. It is the funniest thing I have ever encountered in my life! So, I gave the brilliant barking mouse a part in this story. I gave him a top hat with goggles and a tuxedo with coat tails, riding on a antique bicycle from the 1800’s in the garden. There is another unusual animal, a mole. One day my dogs and cats were gathered in a circle in the yard, it was 115 degrees out, so hot! I thought they were observing a snake or something like that. I looked closer and it was a mole! The mole was all white with a heart shaped tan spot on it’s head. He was the size of a gopher and when I saw the mole I giggled really hard, it was so adorable, but he was so hot underground he came up for water or something. They love to eat tree branch bark or roots and take them to their holes. The mole maneuvers with its 3rd eye underground making tunnels to suit its needs. A very fascinating creature that solely trusts it’s 6th sense to getting around under the ground. That day I saved it’s life and the mole kept trying to bite me but I used a little garden rake to carefully scoop him up to safety away from my dogs and cats. Every time I think of it, I will never forget how he made me laugh! It was so cute! 

The story Tarantula Cosmic Kisses Wishes is about fitting in, I wrote and illustrated this unusual but inspiring tale about how the Tarantula wishes that everyone would love him for himself and not be afraid because he appears to be different than everyone else. He makes a Cosmic wish and Allow Wishes the non-human intelligence (alien) grants it. He got his wish and the wishes turned into energetic loving kisses that came from the Cosmos! 

It is such a joy and pleasure to share how this book came to life by utilizing my surroundings as a background funny, strange, and inspiring story. I have so much fun thinking of ideas that pour in effortlessly, even if they are way outside of the box, but that is what I love to do!

There is also an important character that I need to mention in the story, his name is Igor the pet bat. My daughter and I would take walks at twilight and a bat used to follow us on our walks flying around not far above our heads every night without fail, the bat would fly in a clockwise circle, so I would call him Igor cause he needed a name. There were other bats but this one would fly low checking us out with his sonar frequency. The bat, Igor would make our walks special and unique, never ever boring. He would make us giggle cause he was so cute, a mouse with wings that could see in the dark feasting on bugs. I incorporated the bat in my book because of all the different kinds of animals in the yard we always cherished, I am not too fond of Scorpions and Rattlesnakes, but they have their place too in the environment, we just leave them be. I did forget to say however, that the Mole was completely blind had no eyes, it looked like his eyes were sealed shut and had big teeth, it was strange to look at, but another magnificent mammal that shares our yard space underground. All these animals have created such an amazing alignment within me, and reminding me to think like a kid in the present moment, like making mud pies in the dirt with water, making such a big mess and trying out the dirt thinking it’s pudding, pretending, then finding out it doesn’t taste good cause it is mud, ha ha. Or making forts with sheets and blankets hiding away in another home away from home inside when it is a rainy day or just making a fabulous fort just because. This is what writing does, it takes you you a sacred space in the moment, heightening your awareness into a higher consciousness!

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How Super Sonic Star Power Universe Was Created

How Super Sonic Star Power Universe Was Created

A spectacular organized event happened at the Bengaluru Aadeenam temple in Bidadi, India. It was September 30th, 2017! The 2 largest yoga classes ever, conducted by Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda. On this day, Nithyananda University set 2 new Guinness World Records. One award was for Kundalini Rajju Yoga, the largest rope yoga lesson, and the second one was for Shivastambha, (traditional pole yoga) in this category.

There was also another award for the India Book of World Records on June 21st, 2017, that was so exciting was also an organized event at the Nithyananda Peetham. Where Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda, also known as Swamiji, initiated 108 people had read with both eyes closed, blindfolded, through the power of third eye awakening. The most people reading blindfolded together at a single venue!

When I had heard about these events and since I am an illustrator and published author, I felt I had to congratulate Swamiji in some way. I thought to myself, well if I sent a card to congratulate him it would take 2 weeks to get to India. So, I asked my daughter Elizabeth, if I drew a card for Swamiji, and sent it on Facebook, would get it instantly? She said yes that is a good idea, so I drew a little Cosmic character cute alien that was meditating with a big smile on it’s face. I wrote the words Om Youniverse on the bottom of the card and she sent it. I was so happy for them at the temple in India, I drew this character with absolutely happiness and joy for these powerful, extraordinary events that took place!

A few months later, I kept thinking about writing a children’s book because I had published one already years ago, I felt like I needed to be creative again and write. I missed it so very much. I take care of my severely autistic son that has seizures, and it is full time. I was thinking of something I love to do while taking care of him at my home. So, last November changed my life forever, I was very lucky to hear about the Gurukul children, accompanied by Mahayogini, that reside in the Bengaluru Adeenam, were coming to the U.S. Seven of the Gurukul children were in front of the room at the Los Angeles Aadeenam, my daughter and I experienced a meditation with these kids with extraordinary powers. Appeared to me was a giant eye filled with thousands of eyes, which I drew. It was so amazing, still to this day I am like, wow! I received this very special gift of seeing such a thing, since I was a visionary artist. I did not know what kind of characters to illustrate for the new book, but one day I kept getting a vision of the character I drew for Swamiji, congratulating him for the awards that I was so happy for. Then it hit me you know like, oh, okay I get it the character wants to come through and be born, interesting how this creativity stuff works. I guarantee you, I did not know I was going to channel this whole children’s book so fast and with the illustrations, cosmic themed. I came up with 40 plus color illustrations, and positive affirmations to be of service to shift the perception of the way children think in a powerful, motivating way, to be of service to humanity, to and to help reach their highest potential. I do remember one day I was running, I live at the base of a mountain where the Cleveland National Forest is in Southern California. I had wanted to call the little joyful extraterrestrial being a name, once I had that thought, a guide, angel, or whoever it was said in a loving voice, Allow Wishes! I thought to myself Allow Wishes, that is incredible! So, I had created Allow Wishes with the other little non human intelligence being, and I call him Astro Wishes. There are other characters with 6 eyes and beyond. I have to say the writing process was so powerful, so profound, healing, joyful, and happy. I even ended up attracting a game developer to make these characters come to life in a video game that is very cute and so much fun to watch. The creating process is so rewarding, this is exactly what I needed and the Universe delivered it in such an unusual wonderful way.

This is how it all began, with Super Sonic Star Power Universe! For Super Humans Who Dare to Be Different.