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Slide I am Lisa Baglia, a published author and illustrator, actress, and mother. I was inspired to create this Cosmic themed series to set the highest intention for everyone onward and upward, to take enormous leaps and bounds forward to success and accomplishment. You can manifest you dreams and live your highest potential knowing that anything is possible! If you can dream it, you can do it!

This series of books contain very powerful positive messages, for example-"Anything is possible," "I am doing what I love to do," "Problems are only temporary, and I conquer them with ease and reach out to someone," "I am perfect exactly as I am," "I accept everyone in their amazing greatness," "I am a very valuable person." These are just a few positive affirmations that are in the book Super Sonic Star Power Universe.

I am on a mission to shift thinking on a global level!
Lisa Baglia